But … But… I Don’t Have The Time To Read



I will listen to people make excuses for whatever they want for as long as they want all day long because I don’t believe that your eyes are the windows to the soul.

The words that fall from your lips are.

And for the most part I’m entertained with the excuses people come up with for not doing things or for not getting things done.

But there are a few that set my teeth on edge- and the one about not reading is at the top of my list.

This is what I think- if you had any part in making ” Duck Dynasty ” or “Jersey Shore”  among the highest rated reality shows of all times you had the time to read. You had time to pick up a book or your phone and you had time to read.

Facebook does not count.

I started having  issues with Facebook when I realized people were treating quips like great works of literature.

To be crystal clear: I’m not a TV  hating snob.  I do indulge in  TV- I like to watch Pawn Stars and Counting Cars. I love Supernatural and Doctor Who. But I can also say that I’ve missed episodes because I was busy reading or writing or playing with my cats or talking to my friends or going to movies, concerts or art galleries.

Because nothing gets in the way of me feeding my soul.

So please, for your own benefit-

Pick up a book. Email a letter. Write something, write anything.

These are things that you do for yourself and they enrich your brain.

And that matters.





I used to hate Sundays because on Sundays nothing happened.

Nothing was on TV

Nothing was opened and what was didn’t count- I mean I’m all for finding fun where you can but it’d take some doing to find fun at the 7-11 or laundromat. Back then there was no mall and the movie theatre was a million miles away.

So Sundays were full of nothing, nothing, nothing.

All Sunday seemed to do was show up to numb your brain and when that was done it screamed: ” Hey guess what MONDAY is coming!”

I’m not sure when it happened but now days I’m quite the Sunday fan.

Because nothing happens.

I just wake up, eat some breakfast line up so movies to watch on the tv and I write and read and write some more.

Sometimes I venture out for Gelato but that’s about it.

I love Sundays  now…because nothing happens.


Randomly Me


Today when I got off the bus at the Transit center there were two ladies handing out flyers about their missing dog.

They made sure everyone who got off the bus got a flyer.

Except for me.

I didn’t get one.

The guy before me, yes.

The lady who got off the bus after me- check.


I guess I don’t look like a dog person.


Today I found myself humming a Christmas song.


Me and my husband got flu shots. We sat side by side at the Pharmacy and waited for our turn with the needle. Screw you Date Nighters. We totally lived on the edge there.


Me, my Mom and my Sister went to Vegas a few weeks ago. I won money playing the slot machines. I usually do. I don’t know who hands out the dumb luck thing, but I’d rather be able to read a map. I really suck at that.

lucky charms

I’m craving movie theatre popcorn so bad right now it’s all I can think about.


I want to know. If you put something on Twitter is it a Twit or a Tweet?


Easter used to be my second favorite holiday until they started to put out Peeps year round. Now it’s Halloween all the way  Baby.


Does anyone read Facebook or do we just go there for the pictures?



And Top Of The Mourning To You Too!


Reflecting the biblical account of the Fall of Man, the snake-entwined figure epitmoizes evil and sensuality

I was in search of a Good Mourning Comic, but this picture from the artist Franz Von Stuck was the way to go.

The Seattle Times, in their review of Von Stuck’s work which was being shown at the Frye Museum in Seattle ( and I was lucky enough to see- Thanks Colleen!) was described as ” Spooky, Sinful and Seductive “

Why wouldn’t you know it.

Those are my favorite topics to write about.

In Von Stuck’s work I found it interesting that the less than holy subjects seemed to be more in charge of their enviroment then the more ” pure ” figures- even to the point to where the models representing all things “spooky and sinful and seductive”  seemed to be burning their way into Von Stuck’s and in turn the viewers eyes.

I like that in a monster.

I actually like it in people who are NOT monsters, but that doesn’t happen very often.

Isn’t it said that if someone looks into your eyes for more than twenty seconds they either love you or want to kill you? So I guess that’s why people thinking looking into anyone’s eyes is a sign of aggression. Maybe it is.

Maybe it is.

But when I need a little inspiration or when I just want to look at something that makes my brain and spirit sigh together in harmony I pull out the book ( they call it a catalog ) I bought at The Frye of Von Stuck’s work-

and enjoy.


( Click On The Picture To See More of Von Stuck’s Works)